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Commercial vehicles, this concept is more and more familiar to people with the development of my country's automobile industry. Domestic and international distinctions between the concept of commercial vehicles have their own different standards. How do you define them in my country? According to the revision of ISO 3833, the future international standard divides cars into only two categories: passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are vehicles designed and technically designed to transport people and goods. Since 2005, my country's automobile industry has implemented a new statistical classification of vehicle models. Relative to the old classification, commercial vehicles include all trucks and passenger cars with more than 9 seats. In the old classification, the chassis delivered by the whole vehicle enterprise was included in the statistics of the whole vehicle. In the new classification, the chassis is listed separately, namely, the incomplete vehicle for passenger cars (bus chassis) and the incomplete vehicle for trucks (truck chassis). Commercial vehicles are divided into five categories: passenger cars, trucks, semi-trailer tractors, incomplete passenger vehicles and incomplete trucks. Throughout the industry media, the concept of a commercial vehicle is primarily defined by its own use. It is customary to divide commercial vehicles into two categories: passenger cars and trucks.
Passenger Car Pack

Commercial Vehicle Pack

In the analysis of the energy storage process, the part of the object or space that is delineated in order to determine the research object is called the energy storage system. It includes energy and matter input and output, energy conversion and storage equipment. Energy storage systems often involve multiple energies, multiple devices, multiple substances, and multiple processes. They are complex energy systems that change over time and require multiple indicators to describe their performance. Commonly used evaluation indicators include energy storage density, energy storage power, energy storage efficiency, energy storage price, and impact on the environment.
Commercial Vehicle Pack

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Pengsheng Guoneng provides solid-state power batteries for private cars with innovative technical routes. The breakthrough in energy density brings ultra-long battery life, and travel is no longer "range anxiety". Compared with traditional lithium batteries, solid-state batteries have five major advantages.
Energy storage power

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