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Guangxi Debao county project is promoted in Pengsheng Guoneng (Shenzhen) new energy group!

    On October 9, 2021, the party and government delegation of Debao County, Guangxi led by the County Mayor of Debao County People’s Government Nong Li Ze, Director of the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress Lu Baoyi, and Member of the County Party Committee Li Yongkong in Pengsheng National Energy (Shenzhen) The energy group carries out the promotion work.         Pengsheng National Energy (Shenzhen) New Energy Group is a world-leading leader in the R&D, production and sales of solid-state batteries. Jinruima's high-energy solid-state lithium battery products have been officially launched on the market on June 1 this year and have received support from people from all walks of life And attention, especially the use of government official vehicles will be safer, more environmentally friendly, and efficient. It is a new energy industry project that has attracted the attention and support of the government.           Debao County, Guangxi has abundant mineral resources such as silicon, manganese, and aluminum . It has a unique geographical advantage in battery source material processing and recycling projects. It will inject stronger impetus for the development of new economy and new kinetic energy, and contribute to the realization of high-energy solid-state battery projects. Breakthrough production plays an important role in promoting and promoting. It is reported that after the project is fully completed and put into production, the annual main business income will reach 13 billion yuan, which will drive more than 3,000 jobs and pay more than 300 million yuan in taxes.   Glimpse of the delivery ceremony of the first batch of Jinruima high-energy solid-state batteries adapted to the German-Public business vehicles       At the meeting , the party and government delegation of Debao County in Guangxi highly recognized and affirmed the high-energy solid-state batteries developed and produced by Pengsheng Guoneng (Shenzhen) New Energy Group. The high-energy solid-state batteries effectively solved the safety problems of battery explosion, pollution, radiation, etc. The current mainstream lithium battery has the characteristics of small size, long battery life, light weight, long life and low cost. It is a new milestone in promoting the development of new energy power applications in the country. Witnessed by the representatives of both parties, the “Delivery Ceremony of the First Batch of Jinruima High Energy Solid-State Battery Adapted to German Insurance Official Vehicles” was carried out, which brought this work to a climax.   Group photo of Pengsheng National Energy (Shenzhen) New Energy Group      Finally, our reporter conducted an exclusive interview with the party and government delegation of Guangxi Debao County and Pengsheng Guoneng (Shenzhen) New Energy Group Project Fair.  
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