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Advanced Technology

Full oxide silicon carbon lithium tantalum solid state battery


1、Safety performance

  • Solid electrolyte, the battery is really safe, not a "safety design".
  • Pass all tests of GB/T31485-2015, non-flammable, non-flammable
  • Short circuit test is not out of control

Acupuncture test


2、High energy density


  • High energy ratio silicon-carbon composite anode
  • Semiconductor technology solid electrolyte






3、long life


  • Without electrolyte, the battery does not produce "lithium dendrites" during charging and discharging.
  • The cycle life can reach 3000 times.




  • Low internal resistance, fast charging.
  • Can be charged in parallel.


5、Adapt to a wide temperature range


  • -40 degrees can also be charged and discharged normally.


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